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Case Studies: A Closer Look

Client: Farmer’s Insurance and Zurich Financial

Posted by in energy featured, on June 07, 2013.

WHC installed a Photovoltaic Array

25 year electric savings of nearly $6,000,000.

25 Year Electric Savings: $5,963,246.79

Product: Photovoltaic Array
Total Output: 418kW-DC

Install Cost: $2,500,403.41
Net Cost: $17,046.57

Time to Payback: 4.21 Years

25 Year Electric Savings: $5,963,246.79

The Energy Division of West Hills Construction integrates energy management solutions into commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.

Rising energy costs and environmental responsibilities increasingly challenge facility mangers in their attempt to balance budgets. As a result, new and innovative methods for managing energy, particularly the cost savings, are being sought.

That’s where our solutions come in.

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