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Case Studies: A Closer Look

Client: Pabco - Newark Plant

Posted by in energy featured, on June 07, 2013.

A combination of fuel cells and advanced energy storage.

25 Year Electric Savings over $52,000,000.

25 Year Electric Savings: $52,009,394.12

By using a combination of fuel cells and advanced energy storage, West Hills Construction Energy Division was able to render a high return on investment for Pabco, an investment that will last for decades but be paid off in less than two years.

Installation of a turn-key Fuel Cell - Energy Storage System, leveraging two (2) UTC 400kW Fuel Cell and 800kWh of Energy Storage.

Products: 2-400kW Fuel Cells and Advanced Energy Storage
Production per Unit: 400 kW, 400 kW/1.6 MWh
Total Output: 800kW AC

Install Cost: $9,872,210.74
SGIP Rebate: $(1,056,000)
FITC: $(2,922,171.22)
Fed & State Depreciation: $(3,705,456.78)
Net Cost: $868,582.74

25 Year Cash Flow Summary: $49,647,182.85
Time to Payback: 1.68 Years

10 Year IRR: 57.52%
25 Year IRR: 59.32%

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