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Client: Farmer’s Insurance and Zurich Financial

Posted by in energy featured solar, on June 08, 2013.

25 Year Electric Savings: $3,760,163.42

WHC installed a turn-key 268.8kW ballasted Photovoltaic system on roof. System components; HIP-210NKHA5 Sanyo Photovoltaic Module x 1280, Satcon PowerGate Plus 250kW Inverter.

Product: Sanyo HIP-210NKHA5 – Satcon PowerGate Plus 250kW
Quantity: 1,280 Modules
Total Output: 268.8kW DC
Install Cost:  $1,518,622.6
Fed & State Depreciation: $1,314,104.47

Net Cost: $204,459.48
25 Year Cash Flow Summary: $3,406,126.58

10 Year IRR: 9.06%
25 Year IRR: 17.77%

Time to Payback: 6.21 Years