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Client: Richie Residence

Posted by in featured residential, on June 17, 2013.

West Hills Construction has been building for the Richie family since the early 90‘s and the Beverly Hills residence has been the most complex and painstaking project to date by far.

Meticulous care went into the remodeling and renovation of this 17,000 square foot residence, originally of the Guggenheim Estate built in 1929. The proverbial “fixer-upper”, the estate required massive attention to restore the plaster molded ceilings, limestone walls and intricate fireplaces throughout, all in various stages of disrepair.

Many of the 28 rooms had been gutted by previous owners, with intent to remodel, but abandoned along the way.

Even the externals required exceptional care, as a 300 ton crane was employed to transplant aged trees of various specimen from the front to the back of the property, that overlooks the fourth hole of the Los Angeles Country Club.

You can read more about the elaborate home as featured in Architectural Digest here: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/decor/2007-05/richie_article