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Innovative Solutions

Rising costs and environmental responsibilities are a challenge to facility managers, that's where our solutions come in.

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Energy Division

Over the past four decades, our company has built office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, commercial developments, medical facilities, water/wastewater treatment plants, restaurants, retail stores, and high end residential projects throughout the Southern California area.

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Commercial Division

West Hills Construction has won many awards and gained lots of recognition for their many advancements in technology and superior product results. Just recently, the company won Autodesk's Inventor of the Month for June.

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Industrial Division

With a growing Energy Division, West Hills is constantly in the news, view a collection of all news articles and other related information in our Newsroom.

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Residential Division

Our gallery features all our best projects! From tract homes to full scale manufacturing plants, West Hills can show you images of a wide variety of projects and a glimpse into projects in progress.

Recent Solutions


What it takes to be named the Autodesk Inventor of the Month

An interview Develop 3D had with Rusty Wood, vice president of WHC’s Energy Division

09 JUN

Autodesk Helps WH Construction Deliver Renewable Energy Solutions

Digital prototyping aids design of energy generation technology for large facilities

Featured Projects