Ushering an era of energy independence and sustainability through innovation.

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Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation systems are power generation facilities used to provide localized stationary power technologies, as an alternative to purchasing power from the traditional electric power grid. Examples of the technologies used are: Photovoltaic Systems, Fuel Cells, Micro-Turbines, Wind Turbines, Gas Turbines, Reciprocating Engines, Stirling Engines, and Hydro Power Technologies.

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Energy Efficiency

Every year there are innovations in the world of Energy Efficiency. This is the act of using less energy to provide the same level of energy service on any type of technology you may utilize on a daily basis. West Hills Construction takes these innovations and develops a plan that suits the structures and occupants needs to create the lowest energy use possible.

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Investment Grade Audit

Going beyond the conventional energy audit, which can lead to projections that are frequently off by as much as +-20%, WHC predicts savings with much greater accuracy. Building on the traditional audit, the IGA requires the addition of a “risk assessment component” which reduces the level of uncertainty as to how proposed energy efficiency measures will truly behave over time.

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Energy Procurement

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their procurement needs and provide the best solutions to meet their objectives - whether it's finding the best gas and electricity prices or helping procure for a multi-site portfolio.

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With a proven history in the finance sector, West Hills Construction develops with fiscal viability in mind. Each project is uniquely tailored to support a streamlined and accellerated financial process, reducing the risk of a projects languishing during underwriting and review.

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