Residential Division

We understand how important trust is in a contractor/client relationship, especially as it relates to your personal home residence.

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West Hills specializes in all aspects of residential remodeling and custom home building. Regardless of the size of your job, it is our ability and experience that help you realize your vision within your budget, and within your timeline that ensures a successful project.

The West Hills Construction design team has the experience and knowledge of the industry which is crucial when putting together a complete design/build package to fit the budget constraint. We work hand in hand with Architects and Designers on a daily basis maintaining a constant understanding of project scope and bridging the gap that often occurs between the Contractor and the Consultants.

West Hills lays out project budgets in a complete breakdown format so the owner, developer and or lender can have a confident understanding of how the project budget is assembled. This is crucial in project timing and scheduling because the owner and lender need to be able to track every dollar. Our experience with budgeting, value engineering, project management and scheduling puts us at the forefront of the industry.

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